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Randy Pollak (aka: The Over The Road Chef)

Foodfamtastic Fantastic Recipes from our family and friends Randy Pollak

Born in Chicago’s “back of the yards” neighborhood, where all food is good! Although my heritage is Bohemian/Slovak, I have a passion for cooking many cuisines. My favorites are Asian, Italian, and Latin. I would add American cuisine, but none really exists. However, there are many regional cuisines in America, such as: New England, Midwest, American West, American South, and Fusion cuisines. I cook dishes in all these regional cuisines, along with those cuisines of my Ethnic influence.

For awhile I worked as a professional chef. However, when I found out the people delivering the food made much more money than the people preparing the food…I became a truck driver. I married young and had a family to feed! Though I never lost my passion for cooking! That passion led me to become known as “The Over The Road Chef”. As the “Over The Road Chef”, I won the Emeril Live BBQ contest with my original “Oyster’s Randall” Recipe, and appeared on the Food Network channel Emeril Live show. Three years after my first appearance, I appeared on Emeril Live again! Emeril loved the idea of a chef turned truck driver! You can view one of the clips here: Emeril Live.

You can contact me at: randy@foodfamtastic.com

Lizz (Pollak) Molina

    My foodie roots go all the way back to my childhood when my father, Randy Pollak, would spend hours in our kitchen each day making everything imaginable from scratch.  His unruly mess and sky-high stack of dishes drove my mom crazy, but we sure never had anything bad to say about the food.  We didn’t order out on a Thursday night, like most families.  Pizza was prepared start to finish in the comfort of our home.  Fried chicken, pork and bread dumplings, biscuits and sausage gravy, even cakes, pastries and pies.  Dad did it all.  We weren’t the healthiest family on the block (we’re Bohemian, come on!), but we sure ate more natural, unaltered and TASTIER food than most.
    I carry on the tradition to this day.  I am  a married mother of an adorable little boy named Raiden (Ry-den). My husband, Adrian, struggles with pre-diabetes and high cholesterol and, well, I struggle with the daily duties of a working mother.  That means that our food needs to be simplified, healthy, quick and of course DELICIOUS!
    I have strayed from most of the Eastern European influences in my food, except for very special occasions that call for carbohydrate-rich, buttery goodness.  Most of my contributions to this site will fall into the categories of Latin and Mediterranean, but I promise to incorporate some of my highly indulgent secrets as well. From my family to yours, Buen Provecho!


Delores (Dody) Pollak

Foodfamtastic Fantastic Recipes from our family and friends Dody Pollak
 The Matriarch of the family and where it all began.